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Roar Originals x Edo Glass 獅子山威士忌杯




海拔: 495米


"Lion Rock Whiskey Glass"

ROAR is honoured to cooperate with the world-renowned craftsman brand, Edo Glass Tajima Kiln, to launch a whiskey glass inspired by Hong Kong's famous landmark - Lion Rock.
Lion Rock is located between the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. The mountain is famous for its shape like a lion lying down. Beginning in the 1970s, Radio Television Hong Kong’s unit drama series revolved around the stories of the struggles of Hong Kong citizens living under the Lion Rock. The spirit of going all out and never giving up. As Hong Kong's economy takes off, the Lion Rock spirit is also ignited and has illuminated every generation of Hong Kong people to this day.

Born out of difficulties and challenges

This cup was conceived in the face of the global epidemic and the downturn in the atmosphere. In the face of global difficulties, we hope that through this Lion Rock, which represents the never-give-up spirit of Hong Kong people, we can pass on this persistence and support to the world.
The unique shape of the Lion Rock and its specific viewing angle are extremely difficult to produce, so we have experienced many failures, but finally succeeded with the spirit of never giving up inspired by the Lion Rock. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Edo Glass Tajima Kiln for its assistance in the development. Without such experienced Tajima Kiln craftsmen and their enthusiasm, the hand-made "Lion Rock Whiskey Cup" would have been impossible to achieve.
Finally, I hope everyone who owns this cup can continue the indomitable belief under the Lion Rock, overcome any obstacles, and overcome various difficulties.

Lion Rock
Altitude: 495 meters

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