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Oil Diffuser for Face Mask - Rose Gold

Hekas Oil Diffuser: Bringing the Power of Aromatherapy to Your Face Mask


Face masks: breathing discomfort, feelings of claustrophobia, skin irritation, and a whole host of uncomfortable sensations. At Hekas, our scented oils diffuser puts comfort back into mask-wearing with an infusion of gorgeous aromas in your everyday rituals. Whether you’re at work or in the supermarket, now you can reap the incredible health benefits of essential oils on the move for a more enjoyable breathing experience.


Fill Your Mask with Long-Lasting Scents


No more breathing in a stale exhale. Simply apply your favourite scent to the provided cotton pad and create the perfect atmosphere full of calming aromas all day long.


Discover Why the Hekas Essential Oil Diffuser Helps Refresh Your Mind:


✓ Helps boost your mood, promote relaxation, and combat stress.

✓ Long-lasting fragrance thanks to the extra wide 15mm stainless steel tin.

✓ Stunning design adds sleek contemporary style to your home.

✓ Magnetic design: Infuse your face masks or your clothes with luxurious aromas.

✓ Face Masks: Team up with Heka’s face masks for beautiful scents and comfortable protection.


Ready to Feel the Benefits of Luxury Aromas?


Designed to leave your mask smelling like a fancy spa, the Hekas oil diffuser does much more than that with its sleek style, premium functionality, and stunning quality. Bring wellness into your everyday tasks and level up your mask-wearing experience with Hekas.

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