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Hekas Collection - Dusty Rose

HEKAS 3D MASK Dusty Rose - Individual Package ( Pack of 5 ) 

Regular Size - 
Unopened : Width 8.1inch x Height 3.3inch  (W205mm x H85mm)


Hekas 3D Mask: Efficiency, Style and Comfort Combined


At Hekas, our Ultra Pro Mask takes luxurious comfort, premium safety features and attractive minimalist style to create a mask optimised for day-to-day living. Each mask comes individually wrapped - perfect for storing in your bag or taking in your suitcase when travelling abroad.


Droplet and Splash Resistant


An advanced three-dimensional design enables our filter mask to resist droplets and splashes at a pressure of 160mmHg, ensuring you feel confident entering public transport or other close-proximity environments.


Discover Why the Hekas Ultra Pro Mask Helps Optimise Your Safety:


✓ 99.9% Filtration: Filter over 99.9% of airborne particles for better breathing protection.

✓ Stylish Design: Sleek angles, slim design features, and stunning colours create fashionable ffp2 masks for travel, work, daily wear and more.

✓ Comfy Stretch Ear Loops: Durable and soft stretch ear loops make wearing this mask for long periods comfortable.

✓ Prevent Foggy Glasses: The 3D design sculpts securely around your nose bridge to prevent frustration for those wearing glasses.

✓ Environmentally Conscious Choice: We produce our respirators with non-toxic, azo-free dyes certified by the STC that allow for less water usage.

✓ Essential Oil Diffuser: Pair with the Hekas magnetic diffuser to add some luxurious aromas while you stay protected and stylish.


A Premium Face Mask for All Occasions


Whether you’re required to wear a mask when travelling abroad or you want a reliable mask you can always keep handy, these premium surgical face masks offer an indispensable addition for you and your family. Our certification includes ASTM Level 3, CE - Type IIR, and KF94 to ensure peace of mind and cutting-edge protection for American, European, and Asian markets.

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