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Hana collection 3DMask - Plumbago

Expiry date on 2023

SAVEWO 3DMASK Plumbago - Individual Package ( Pack of 30 ) 

Regular Size - 
Unopened : Width 8.2inch x Height 3.2inch  (W208mm x H81mm)
Opened:  Width 5.7inch x Height 5.3inch  (W145mm x H135mm)

Product information 

Stay safe, stylish, and comfortable with premium quality face masks from HEKAS. Made from soft, breathable materials, all our face coverings provide a comfortable wearing experience and help you look good while staying safe. Choose from a range of colours and styles to suit your needs and personal tastes. 

All our masks are made in Hong Kong and fully certified to European, American, and Korean standards.

HEKAS is the go-to provider of high-quality, good-looking, and ultra-safe face masks in the UK.

Cool+ Technology

Offering minimal air resistance while filtering out contaminants and harmful airborne viruses, the Cool+ filter keeps your face cool and free of moisture and sweat.

Ultra-Safe Filter

HEKAS’s masks are effective against 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses, providing strong protection and guaranteed safety.

3D Design

With a streamlined 3D design, our masks hug the face and provide a slim profile, offering a comfortable and stylish wearing experience over long periods.


HEKAS’s products are high quality and ultra-safe, with the utmost level of certification. Our Cool+ filter technology provides 99.9% of bacterial, viral, and particle filtration efficacy and offers the highest level of fluid resistance available.


We offer ASTM Level 3, CE - Type IIR, and KF94 certification, ensuring peace of mind and cutting-edge protection for American, European, and Asian markets.


Type. Cool+ Filter Technology

Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 99.9%
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) > 99.9%
Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) > 99.9%

  • 160mmHg fluid resistance
  • US ASTM Level 3 certified
  • EN 14683:2019 Type IIR
  • ISO 13485 certification
  • CE certification
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 7 CleanRoom classification



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